Need help in wiring boombox!!!!

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I am making a boombox with this 2.1 60w amplifier which uses 12v x 2 more than 30w transformer i am planing to use 12vX3amp this transformer. I am using 3 stpd switches 1 for master on off , 1 for mains/battery selector, and one for aux /Bluetooth selector. 1 voltmeter two 12v batteries one dc input for battery charging and on mains input. Bluetooth i will be connecting with buck step down convertor. How should i do the wiring to the circuit. I really need help for this project. How much i connect the batteries? and the transformer is 12v 3 amp so which battery should i select and how should i connect spdt switch with mains and battery selector?

I am using this guide for instructables: 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Boombox - All

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!

This is the circuit dig.
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That Instructable lays things out pretty well. The transformer you link to is not the power supply adapter that is specified in the Instructable. If you wire that transformer to a battery, you'll start burning stuff up. Don't do it.

Read the Instructable carefully and follow those directions. It's all there.
Well, if you are switching between two +/- voltage sources, you will need a DPDT switch. And yes, you'll need an inverter to get your battery to provide a negative rail. But then you'll need a rectifier and regulator to charge the battery! If you're needing to use a +/- power supply, you'd better find a different Instructable. Otherwise, get a simple +12v amplifier.

When I'm wiring stuff up, I need to stand there, stare at the wires, think really hard about electrons, and then it'll make sense. So I can't help you with that from here.

Good luck!
So I am building something similar. However, I am dropping the dc step down and Bluetooth for a marine radio head unit(because it has Bluetooth built in), and probably no LED. I am using a panel that has a voltmeter, socket, dual USB ports and on/off switch. Can I use just the panel switch on the panel as a way to separate it running off battery or to an outlet(by way of c13 port and cord)?
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