Need Help Identifying Transistors

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I am a complete newb at amp repair.

I am in the process of attempting to repair a Cadence txa-1000d. The amp would come on and go into protect and stay in protect. I found that the transistors at D13, D14, D40, and D41 were shorted out. I cut them off the board and the amp will now power up normally. I however cannot identify them. The only markings on the transistors are c25 59 02c and the other one says c25 67 02n. What transistors are they and where can I order quality replacements.

Ususally on Schematics and PCB"s transistors are designated with a Q , like Q13 , Q14 Q40 ect , D usually means a Diode , are you sure they are transistors and not diodes ??

Anyways , maybe they are 2sc2559 ?? if they are they are a discontinued Japanese transistor , couldn"t find a Datasheet sorry .....

good luck
I'm not sure what they are. I looked around on the net and the pictures I found that looked like the pieces were called transistors/mosfets.

I've been running the amp on 2 RE SX 15's wired to .5 ohm. I figured the output transistors burnt up seeing as how I've been running at it .5ohm for over a year now. I watched a vid on youtube and it showed a guy measuring measuring the "transistors" with a multimeter. I followed the vid and did the same thing he did. The 4 transistors I cut out measured real low ohms while the rest of them measured high ohms.

Maybe the pix will work.

Pictures by tuck - Photobucket
I'm not sure, but I think they might be Super Barrier Rectifiers, something like this:

SBR40U60CT Diodes Inc.

Looks like you have two types, one pair with common cathode, and one pair with common anode.

I don't know how to tell what amperage rating you've got because I can't find those exact parts. Maybe this will help you get closer to finding them.


Disclaimer: I'm an amateur. I reserve the right to be wrong. Your mileage may vary. Get a second opinion. Maybe a third opinion. etc.
Take a better picture of the parts laying down outside w/o flash maybe.
more people with experience in the Car Audio Forum here???

Yea the D (diode) parts are similar to what Yurk found, the center pin is the common case, so most common type is the common cathode both arrows point in.
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There going to be hi-speed diodes for SMPS use.
Something like,

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