Need help completing sound system

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We're building a DJ sound system for an art car (27' two-story bus) for Burning Man.

This is what I have so far:
. 2 CV JE-36 subs
. 1 Crown MA2400 to power them (will run bridged mono)
. 2 Yorkville E152 full range tops
. 1 Yorkville A4.4 amp to power them
. CDJs, dj mixer, Mackie 450 monitors

I'm wondering what signal processors I will need and perhaps even suggestions on brand/model/specs? We have a limited budget.
- cross-over?
- limiter/lever/compressor?

I'd like to have as few components in the signal chain as possible. Probably not even use an EQ besides on the DJ mixer.

And then cables. We'd like to make our own. Could anyone point me to a website with information on how to do this?


P.S. The project page:
5 KW audio through efficient PA speakers inside a bus? :eek:
Be *sure* to provide each passenger with one pair of these Shooter approved sound mufflers by Remington:

Guaranteed for .44 Magnum and above.
Might be enough.
The DBX driverack/Behringer2496 are often used. If it is just prerecorded music I have gotten away with just a eq that has a subwoofer out by cutting out everything below 40hz (YMMV).
The crown2400 will be dumping around 800 watts to each sub and if CV did not inflate the ratings of the box should be able to take it. Same with the Yorkville combo, I would be more concerned about the power setup and if the generator/inverter played well with the digital amp.
lol - no it is not to be played inside the bus. Art Cars at Burning Man project out onto the playa and create temporary venues for a couple hundred to potentially a few thousand people.
Oh !!! That's something else ;)
My first idea was that since so many guys talk about their "8000W" car amps you might be under the wrong impression that your (real) 5000W would be anemic inside a "big car".
But if it's for an oper air rave type party, it's more like it.

By the way, I noticed one girl dancing with an endangered species animal fur brassiêre (bra in USA).
I am an Inspector in such matters, she will have to come to my private office and dance again for me, pulling it off, of course. ;)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.