Need guidance, first spkr plans.


2010-10-22 10:57 am
Hey guys, I'm new here. May I say great site?

I designed this spherical 2.1 speaker set and I'd like some input on my choice of components and how to crossover.

Total component list.

4x Aurasound NS3-193-8A 3" Extended Range
F3 of 85Hz: 2 to 3 liters sealed and stuffed

2x Fostex FT17H Horn Super Tweeter

1x Peerless 835017 XXLS 12" Aluminum Cone 4 ohm
2.5 cubic foot box with a 3" diameter vent by 13" long for an F3 of 30Hz

As far as plans go, they will be hooked to a DC powered amp and dac, via toslink to my pc. I'm trying to find an automotive amp rated for 8ohm for the speakers and 4ohm sub. I want the sub to handle up to 100hz, mids from 100hz-5khz, tweeter 5k-25k.

OK guys, hack away :flame:

3rd rev, tweeter more inline with woofers
SPKR BALL v3.png
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2005-11-24 1:47 am
its sure a hell lot of work

might make more sense with better drivers
80db sensitivity is very low

maybe skip the MTM design
one good mid and one tweeter might give you a better chance
especially with the spherical mid design
best to have the tweeter slightly "behind" the mid, which would come natural with the spherical design


2010-10-22 10:57 am
Thanks for the replies fellas. Doing some rethinking. How do you think a pair of lines of those woofers would sound? I'm thinking 9 per side arranged in a vertical arc for equidistance from my ears. Comb filtering shouldnt be an issue with a fixed listening position.

I've been flip-flopping between a multi-way / line design for weeks..:confused: