Need Dynaudio driver specs

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Hi, I bought an old pair of Dynaudio drivers and have found ambiguos specs online. Does anyone have the printed specs from Madisound, etc?

I have a pair of D28 tweeters and 17W75XL (8ohm)midrange. Have also found the nuance specs but would like to try a diff sort of enclosure and series crossover. any info related to the drivers and nuance speaker design is greatly appreciated.
Heya Spunk,

Thanks, i've using their specs now to design the enclosure but also found specs on madisound's old dynaudio kit pages which differs slightly. Hence was hoping for a confirmation here. I believe madisound's old print catalogue has the information but alas i lost my copy :(

I've also emailed dynaudio but am not expecting a reply :)

thanks for the info! A friend scanned both drivers' info from his old madisound catalogue for me recently too!


That's a very interesting TL design. Looked almost like a QWTP... nearly got me fooled :) How do you calculate the angles?

Right now I'm interested in sticking the drivers into a Nuance enclosure but use a series crossover instead of the stock dynaudio one. Crossover point is between 1750-2000, undecided.

A TL design that simple is worth considering too. I avoided TL due to the massive amount of woodwork i see in the Ariel and other diy TLs...
Hello Chris,

I think this TL, sometimes called Terminated Line (but I don't think it is; but what's in a name?) is very easy to build. Just keep the dimensions in the drawing.

When I made this box, I first made an 'inner box', and then glued the outside pieces which I were made at the woodshop.

This is really handy, because you can make the box very sturdy this way. Just make holes through the box from one side to the other and then glue a fitting piece of stick in it. Make the stick a little short, otherwise it will maybe harm the 'outer-box'. You can do this with any box of course.

Then I veneered them. They look wonderfull, even my non-audiofile friends get nervous and jealous!!!

If you want more info, mail, bye, Hans
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.