Need cheap full range 5 inch

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Hmm, didn't think about that. Still, what comes close/bests in performance with similar specs for the same inflated price of the Monacor? BTW, what price would it be?

After a quick look-see around the net I found BMM electronics in the Netherlands. Shipping is to Canada in our currency for 2 drivers:

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UPS express saver 2.5kg

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I'm using a pair of A11s for a system for a friend. First cab I built was a modified inverted BIB. All 4' lumber since my woodworking skills and tools are ridiculously limited, so just working within my limits. Got the usual 180 bend at the top then a pair of 90 bends at the bottom, the lowest going to the point and the higher one bending toward the mouth which is actually rear firing, and that gets me a line of around 102" (though all the folk who've built to design in the past, like gychang, have build 120" BiBs). Flat down to 50Hz and you can actually hear a solid 20Hz tone from them. Tried a slimmer, upfiring 4' BiB next which had no bass at all (think that enclosure volume was just too low), and then a basic BR cabinet built from some 8" sonotube and wooden end caps. The BR, when running manual tone sweeps was in fact getting more extension, but I think its ripple was even worse than the BiB. Couldn't hear any with the BiB, but with the BR, it was down earlier, then back up after the BiB was effectly rolled off, and then the 20Hz tone, while there and fairly loud was badly distorted. To make matters worse, the BR doesn't provide any gain through the LF, so it just sounded small and forward whereas the BiB was alot more balanced and sounded expansive. So, after much research and experimentation, I started work on the second large BiB cabinet for the A11 last night.


Dont know what your budget is but I have a pair of unused Dave Merrill DCA 5.5 that are astounding in a BIB... which is where the first pair reside, thanks, Scott...

Read the glowing anecdotes on if you like. Also, there is a published FR plot which resembles that which I hear. These are serious drivers that were inexpensive. They are now Unobtanium.

Read about its little bro, the 4.5 on look for Zigmahornet in Archives. The 5.5 is a rather large step up from the little 4.5... these are AlO3 ceramic coated Aluminum cones with phase plugs. Fs.50, Qts/.45, SPL/89db, Vas/11L, Power/50wpc RMS, they spec out quite nice for pipes and can play LOUD, with lots of great bass. I would love to see these go to a pipe/horn builder. Email me iffin you is intewested. I'll be back in the US in the next two weeks. 100 + shipping
Kensai said:
So, after much research and experimentation, I started work on the second large BiB cabinet for the A11 last night.


A11 in Mikasa is getting much improved after several hours of listening, bass is very extended. Although it has been a while large BIB I had built may have had more bass.

If u don't mind could you post your build on a new thread?, which size/dimension are u using?, pictures if possible. I agree for the woodworking challenged (like most of us) BIB is the way to go. I wouldn't be too surprised my Mikasa has some air leak somewhere (still sounds good to me)

Here are some real-world measurements.



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