Need CDM-PRO2 transport KIT.


2007-01-12 3:50 am
I do not read Chinese either but the other place where I see the CDM-Pro2 is Just drop the url for google to translate. You may be able to make some more info out of it. My only guess is that it costs 8,000 Taiwan dollars plus shipping but I am all at seas as to how to order. Sorry, this is all I can help.


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DIM said:
Daisy Laser do not respond to my e-mails, somebody knows they work still?


Daisy never replies to email, and they are still very much around. You will need to find one of their agents and buy the cdm-pro2 from them.

Frankly I would carefully rethink this and look for other options. This is an expensive mechanism and Philips has the worst customer support in the industry - if you ever need spare parts you will rue the day you bought this thing. If you must have one buy an extra to replace the first when it fails sometime in the future.

I owned a PS Audio Lambda drive with the cdm-9pro, a very expensive mechanism used in a lot of high end players. Mine had low hours when the laser finally failed and I was not able to find a good NOS laser - the one I bought apparently had deteriorated just sitting on the shelf. ($150) I subsequently found out that almost all of them do that. :mad: They sold a lot of these mechanisms, discontinued them, and almost no one had any spare parts on hand.

The unfortunate thing is that these mechanisms were actually technically very good performers and were used in a lot of very good cd players and transports.

Get any good cdrom with spdif output and modify it to be a top loading mechanism.. Controlling it could be a problem, but there are threads here that address that and many other issues.
DIM said:
So you recommend do not to buy this transport? What about CDM-4 or CDM-3? Or any?


Hi Dmitry,
To be totally fair I have to say I have a real axe to grind about the Philips issue, and you need to make your own informed decision as I am very anti-Philips now, this was not always the case. Truthfully many manufacturers do any better, but these mechanisms targeted at the high end were very expensive and should have been much more durable.

I recently gave away a 17yr old Sony CDP-790 with its original mechanism fully functional with >5K hours of use. (The Sony in total probably cost less than the CDM-9Pro mechanism by itself.) This is realistically what I would have expected from the CDM-9Pro.

I really would not buy any of the older Philips mechanisms despite their often superb mechanical engineering because of the lack of good spare parts and questionable laser design lifetime.

YMMV, but were it me, no I would not buy a Philips mechanism, but that leaves you with few reasonable choices for a diy player.
I'd take up Peter D on his offer..

The CDM-9Pro is a non-starter due to the lack of spare parts and it's been discontinued for a long time. (It was the one I was talking about.)

CDM-4 seems to have better parts availability, but why build something on a nearly 20yr old used mechanism?

Almost any mechanism can be modified to be a top loader if you are clever.