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Need advice

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I'm looking all over on the internet for reviews/projects/kit specs that kind of thing for a particular set-up that I'm debating doing. I have a pair of Scan-speak 8545 woofers, and Scan-speak 2905-9500 tweeters, and I really want to build them into a beautiful system, but I'm looking for systems that are done, and reviews on them for some more ideas. Specifically I'm looking for plans on them and hearing what people would do if they had to do it all again. Any links or ideas would be greatly appreciated. I believe you can purchase the plans from North Creek...any opinions on that system? Thank you for your time!


2000-12-31 9:31 am
if you own the drivers you mention there is a project called scan7 on speakercity.com. I recommend you look at that project to get some ideas on how NOT to design a speaker!
If, on the other hand, you want to see how it's done you can check North Creek I think they have a design which uses something similar to the drivers you have.
I should say that people seem to be happy with the scan7 (see audioreview.com) however I tend to believe J D'Appolito and he gave an apallingly bad review to the Speakercity's Scan Speak Solist project on the last issue of AudioXpress. Some of the design elements are in common with the Scan 7 and that worries me.
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