Need advice on midrange driver


2019-01-16 12:22 am
2.5" to 3" because of the high 3000 Hz XO, tweeter will need a resistor to tame its 96 dB. You need two octaves minimum belox so 750 hZ or less towards the bass yoh choosed. The 90 dB will be reduced from circa 1200 hZ towards the low end at a 6 dB per octave iirc...

It will ask bafle step compensation with big coil or an electronic more easy filter. Ideally and theorically athe mid unit should be 92 db efficienty and 8 ohms.

Just theory, I'm just enthusiast, the ribbon tweeter should swap because both of the to0 big resistor needed... well theorically at least. Hope that helps...


2009-03-07 6:37 pm
B 80 - 8 Ohm | Visaton
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2004-11-10 8:31 pm
FaitalPro is good suggestion.
But i would suggest 4fe32. Its exceptionally flat across the midrange, has only minor breakups, its efficient and has great power handling. Step up from 3". Its important to start with good midrange. Most of the music happens in the midrange, if you do not get that right, forget the rest.
I used various faitals, 4fe32, 4fe35, highly recommended. Not to mention, reasonably priced.
Good luck with your build.


2019-01-16 12:22 am
And the ribbon is horned with a square lens, tricky to marry with a mid ?
Monacor never gives polar plots...their curves are always a bit optimistic...
And maybe such tweeter is too brighty with a xo at advised in the datsheet? Is it nlt wize to keep the woofer but change the tweeter for a dome but only after founding a mid ???
Or maybe a BG Neo 8 up to 5000 then the monacor tweet ? Certainly not easy to do...