Need Advice on JP2.0 vs NeoCD2.0

I've been dealing with getting my JP2.0 fixed over the last 2 weeks. Well the tweeter arrived with the ribbon replaced but it was sagging again. Madisound checked the ribbon before they shipped it and it was fine.

I have 2 options now.. I can send the ribbon back and replace the element again, or they've offered to send me a pair of the new neocd2.0s instead and I'll send them back my broken jp2.0 along with my good one..

I'm hoping that someone on here has heard both the ribbons, or atleast the new neoCD2.0 and can give me some feedback on the sound.. I noticed that the new ribbon is much heavier (34mg vs 25mg for the old ALU ribbon). I don't want to loose the airy and delicate feeling of the jp2.0 ribbon and I fear that the heavier neoCD2.0 won't sound as well :(

Please help!!!!