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Need a TDA1541A or two


I've been reading this forum on and off for a couple of years, in awe at what some of you guys build!

To the point -- my old Ensoniq KT-88 keyboard bit the dust after the audio had been distorted for over a year. Digging into it to do some troubleshooting today, I discovered that the TDA1541A DAC is dead. Recalling that some of you have built high-end DACs using them, I thought this might be the place to start looking for a replacement.

I don't need anything exotic like double crown, etc., just a decent TDA1541A (and maybe a spare). I saw some for sale on eBay, but most of the inexpensive ones looked glaringly like counterfeits (and I've been bitten on that one before).

Anyone have a TDA1541A or two they can part with for a fair price? I'm in Texas, BTW.