Need a new big suitcase...suggestions?

I had an Eddie Bauer rolling suitcase that was big enough for a 7 to 10 day trip. I liked because it was very well made. Unfortunately movers lost it when I moved from Maine to Charlotte 5 years ago. I still have the matching weekender suitcase and it's still holding up well.

I bought a SwissGear rolling suitcase in 2011. It lasted until last year when the main zipper gave out. I figured it may have been my fault because of over stuffing it so I purchased another SwissGear suitcase and used it once. On that trip, though it didn't break I had a chance to examine while full and I just had that feeling that zippers on it were not that good so I returned it to Target as soon as I got home from that trip.

Spring is the time of year I start traveling for work so I'm in the market for another suitcase. I'd appreciate suggestions for a suitcase that will survive trips that take me away from home for up to three weeks at a time. I work as an Applications Engineer for a machine too builder so my three week trips entail setting up CNC machines for trade shows and open houses along with factory installations, setting up demos or first run parts and then possibly tear downs of the machines during the third week. I have enough company uniforms to wear a clean one for 10 days and I also pack 3 weeks of underwear and socks since the company does pay for laundry services during that time. So I need a big suitcase. I can pack everything I need in a 30 inche suitcase. So as I said I'd really appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

scott wurcer

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2004-01-26 3:03 pm
Belmont MA
Funny you should ask, nobody on earth can go through more suitcases than my wife. We just stick with Costco and their no questions return policy since virtually all luggage is made in China with questionable quality control. We used their Ricardo hard body stuff on our last few trips, it's light so you can keep under the over charge weight more easily.
I looked into a few other sources. One was L. L. Bean. I went to the one on the way home from work and sure enough all of them are made with much stronger zippers.

I'm not going to take a chance of having a zipper break in the middle of a trip causing all of my belongings ending up all over an airport Tarmac.