Need a Mic for basic measuring.

Hi all,
Need some suggestions for a decent accurate mic for some basic Frq x SPL measuring. I'm not designing or taking harmonic distortion plots. I looked at a basic mic from LinearX for $175, but that might be double my price range for my basic needs.

I have eyed off this Samson mic on ebay.

Samson MM01 RTA Measuring Condenser Microphone - eBay Wired Microphones, Microphones, Pro Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments. (end time 04-Oct-10 15:33:46 AEDST)

Any thoughts on this mic or anyother suggestions are welcomed.

geez :/, can i use another amp to boost the signal?, actually, i had previously built a very simple in/out pre-amp for my guitars to use on through my hi-fi system. I am currently using this pre-amp with a musical/vocal microphone for my garage band, it boost the output of the mic, sounds balanced and OK, BUT it gives a electrical discharge to the mic's protective gauze(earth), so we are careful not to touch it with our lips. Maybe this could be used?? or not, i'll measure the voltage delievered to the earth. see what the story is there.

And the phantom power if so, is there another way i can power it? i know the LinearX mics can be used with a transformer power pack.

Can i use a power pack with this particular mic?