Need a circuit to noise test BJTs

Something like this?


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2010-11-10 11:08 pm
I really appeciate the idea. In the short time that I am readig this forum, I have seen that much concern is taken for THD, then less for offset, but very few for noise. If I remember well the noise should be indeed of concern specially with FET transistors that should (correct me if I am wrong) be affected of 1/f noise. Also I never have seen explicitely (maybe it was done anyway) dimensioning resistors for noise avoiding. I mean trading a higher dissipation with a smaller R. This is done always when you design measurement instruments. Sometimes I had also the impression ( i should research on that) that sophisticated schematics (i.e. cascoded and double CCSs, especially Zener ones) besides of the linearity (read THD) advantages may bring in additional noise. Very interesting post