Near Field What SPL to aim for?

Asked here as it will be a multiway.

The speaker I am using has a claimed SPL 1w/1m of 80dB. Similar to what we use in the lounge but at no where near their max power.

WinISD, 10L vented box. Max SPL 94dB which I couldn't use due to Xmax linitations, I set max power to 20w as they just state 40w with no RMS

With a 5W drive which is the max I can use as the design stands WinISD shows 88dB

What level am I likely to need. I don't play anything loudly.
You'd need 75dB at the listening position, and there's no need to worry about power handling during momentary SPL peaks, as the voice coil doesn't get enough time to heat up. However, if this increased power level continues for some time, heating and subsequent damage could occur.
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