NCOREx announced

Very interesting but on a marketing level, Hypex was smart in proposing a new module packaged as a Purifi Module.
It will be necessary to add an additional power supply (probably an SMPS1200AXXX) seems the Buffers are included inside the module )

However, I hope that they will remain competitive in terms of price... that's the whole point of the old NC500MP and other NCXXXMP modules.

The real question being, how much will we pay to gain in performance?


2011-10-12 6:00 pm
In my opinion, this improvement belongs to the category of marketing. Replacing capacitors with polypropylene ones + a slight change in the feedback settings in the "integrator". Basically, two smd capacitors have been added to the feedback circuit. The drop in frequency response remained the same as it was minus 0.3 dB at 20 k. i.e. the main feedback loop remained with the previous setting.
While changing the output filter capacitors might have some effect, changing the "integrator" settings might ruin everything. A similar approach of non-uniform amplification in the feedback loop at low frequency was used in Alpine PDX series products.
Something that no one praises.

Let me remind you that a functionary from hypex called linear loop gain in the audio band one of the advantages of ncore technology. Now hypex has decided to pull up the gains in the loop for better performance at 1kHz.:oops:
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