NC400 with linear PSU?

I received my NC400 last week, and my idea was to replace my Existing UcD400 with them, using the TR400 and HG mono supplies. Did anybody made this already? I'm still not yet trusting SMPS...
As the TR400 has the right voltage (42V x 2), plus auxiliary 2x13V, I thought to use them. The HG mono supply makes an additional job of rectifying and regulating the aux. voltage, to 2x12V, but not used with the UcD400. Th NC400 requires 2x21 unregulated power for the pre stage, but can go as low as 2x16V. I thought to remove the regs on the HG mono supplies, and with 2x13 * 1.414= 18,38 voltsx2, which should be OK, for the NC400.
Any thought before I start this? My case is ready and nice (I posted once pics here:, it made its job right since 2008. Want to keep it because it looks nice.
- dan
In the becoming more distant history switching supplies were "evil". Today that is not necessarily true. The Hypex designs are good and I was pleasantly surprised to find them very usable and to give great results.

In fact, it is difficult to design and build a linear supply that can match the performance of the SMPS 600.

But really you might want to take this to the hypex ncore thread.