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Nanook 219 kit

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Calling all possible users/purchaser, some ideas...

This is a copy of a post I made in the "latest iteration" thread in the Analog Forum:

I created a thread in Vendors Bizarre, once actual costs are calculated, I'll post pictures, and purchase type information there

A couple of questions, though:
  • Should I provide a counter-weight scheme or do you think most folks would want to do something for themselves?
  • An arm rest?
  • The male bearing, upright, and mount?
  • Right now I am using black tubing. Some have the Easton decal on them. Should this be sanded off?
  • And any potential exits for the tonearm wire? Some say on the top side of the arm tube, some say the bottom side? I want to standardize as much of this as possible
  • Cartridge tags?
  • Tonearm wire?
  • RCA plugs or jacks (single run to phono preamps if RCA plugs)?

The above will allow me to complete the design as much as possible, while still leaving room for some experimentation for end users.

Any deviations from the tonearm in it's current iteration will not negate the performance of the kits spoken for up until now. I will post this same message (or at least a link to this post) in the Vendors Bizarre thread.
Nanook 219 information/costing thread


well here are some thoughts...

First I'll post when each arm is being shipped. Those that are in the "beta tester group, please be patient. Follow my comments on the "latest iteration" thread.

If Bernie cannot make more of the headshells, I'll see if I can get them done locally. Thus far the only "logical" changes are the use of 3/8" shafts, as drill bits are easy in that dimension---23/64 are a little hard to come by. Also looking at schemes to retain the arm, so that it cannot be easily knocked off the pivot.

payment information for all beta users, kit purchases


Sorry again for my tardiness, comp problems continue to haunt me.

Please send payments to: nellsk@hotmail.com via PayPal

Beta testers: shipping costs only, via Canada Post small packet

Kit purchasers, CAD $50.00 + shipping costs via Canada Post small packet

Here's a link to Canada Post. If you prefer, I can look up the amounts and let you know individually.

guys...ETA for shipping and an update

as I have been a little busy, I haven't shipped your arms. Thanks for your continued support. The Yamamoto style headshell is made outside of my direct control. I've decided to rely on myself to limit outside costs. Those that have committed as of today will get the Yamamoto style (March 5).

In the future that will change unless I can get a bunch of $$$ together and put together a minimum order for either Bernie (the original maker) or a local builder.

Bernie's work is very good, but I need to buy them in quantities of 10+ to make any sense for him to do them. Freight to me is an additional cost. The local guy wants a huge minimum, but his price is better, with no freight.


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still F&#cked comp!


my lack of contact has many reasons. Rather bore any with what may seem to be insignificant to those suffering from tornadoes, river flooding and other major calamities in their lives, I had tried not to comment as my comp is so unreliable. It took 2 password resets and over an hour to finally log on here. In fact this is the first visit back here in several weeks. I like lists (sorry Dave :( ), so for those that must know.
  • As Dave stated, I have been suffering comp woes. I'm ready to pitch this iMac into the closest body of water. Here in Southern Alberta that can be some distance though. The frustration level regarding the iMac is keeping me off the thing. I know of no one, nor heard of anyone who has had as many problems with any Mac as I have. I may have to get a netbook so I can stay in touch, if I can find a cheap used one.
  • water main/water supply and basement flood that required immediate attention for more than a week! The city still hasn't finished, but at least we have water, new plastic supply line and no lead! (as in Pb which was removed from the city's side of the curb shut off).
  • I had been involved in a particularly long vetting process seeking real employment with reasonable wages. Unfortunately I found out I did not make the final cut for the job, mostly (although never stated), due to my age.
  • I've had several projects on the go, including a turntable remake for a friend's good friend for over 1-1/2 years. I am now under significant pressure to finish it.
  • I've been dealing with some health issues that are affecting my wife. No other details will be added regarding this.
  • I have been trying to assist a few folks locally regarding a couple of charities. I have very little $$, thus can give time.
  • for any that want, I will send their payments back. If this becomes the eventuality, I apologize to any that I have offended.

I am no thief. I take this comment very seriously, as I do write on the Internet and simply cannot afford comments like this being made. Had I known it would take this long, I would have got Paypal to send funds and then send out the stuff.

All can try direct email or contact via the "send email to" option on the Forum. If I don't answer prompltly, I ask for your patience.


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