Nakamichi sr-4a processor loop output input jacks.

Looked around and couldn't find any definite answer.
The manual just says it allows these jacks to be used with equilizer or surround processor.

What signal exactly is traveling there?
Just before volume control? Because output I am pretty sure sends full preamp voltage. Can't be used as a pre amp

Reason I ask is to see if I can plug in DAC/preamp into input . Basically use sr-4a as a power amplifier.

Or where exactly does these signal processing jacks sit in the signal path


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Another member PRR posted this sequence in another discussion

"Sequence is selector, tape switch, jumpers, Volume controls, line-amp, tone-amp, power amp."

So essentially if I plug in a dac that has volume control into input jacks sr-4a can be used as a power amplifier with tone controls correct?
Any ill affects if the loop is opened. Meaning outputs are left open but inputs are used for dac that has a volume control.

I am thinking of topping d50s dac.
For future readers with same question
So processor inputs will take any line level input (cd, tape, dac)
You can still use volume control on nakamichi. And tone controls
Of course it's pretty clear from signal path sequence.
I like to double check things and confirm before trying.

Processor output sends full line level signal. You can't modulate it.

The idea was to sort of to bypass or eliminate some unnecessary circuits. To make the signal cleaner. That's why I wanted to plug a dac directly into processor inputs jacks as opposed to cd inputs.