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Feel free to post Najda build resources here (NO QUESTIONS HERE THANKS). Original thread is now at 985 posts;

Cost of parts
Parts needed are
-power supply 30-50€
-8 less couple of €
-display about 6€
-8 push to make switches 1€ each
-IR sensor 0.5€
-case and power cord etc -whatever you want...
-One for all remote 10€
-some hook up wire.

Note; "Also, phono (RCA) connectors can be left unassembled on request"
see example

Caution; The "1602 OLED ...Compatible HD44780" is NOT compatible with HD44780, despite the title. Skip this one it seems.

Last updated - 12Dec2013

Build examples
case made here;
Home- Schaeffer AG - Frontplatten, Front Panels, Faces Avant

Build with Amanero

Meanwell RT-50B
RT-50B - 50W 5V, 12V & -12V Output High Reliability Miniature Enclosed Power Supply
RT-50B MEAN WELL - Pwr sup.unit: pulse | Transfer Multisort Elektronik
RT-50B Mean Well | Mouser
Skynet SNP-902-1
USED HERE; Le sujet Kit NAJDA : carte DSP FIR/IIR : montage utilisation - Page 6 du forum Travail de Groupe - DIY sur - 30035550 - 1
SNP-902 Series |
SNP-9021(-1)|Skynet|Acal BFi
PSUs M-Z from Hamiltone, phone: +44-(0)1273-701648, email: SNP-9021-1, SRP £call
SNP-9021-1 - Skynetpower - 20W Open Frame, General Purpose, Hard Switching - AC/DC - Texim Europe - SNP-9021-1-SKY

Newhaven NHD-0216XZ-FSW-GBW
Invalid Request
Artronic Big Black Double Negative - ART BIG LCD 2x16 with LED b/l - W/KK (HD44780) 122x44mm [ABC016002C41-DLW-R]
ART BIG LCD 2x16 with LED b/l - W/KK (HD44780) 122x44mm [ABC016002C41-DLW-R] | eBay
ZYSCOM LCD Display HD44780 2x16 chr 16x2 Blue STN White Backlight BIG 9mm char
discussed here

Navimec/1ZCS+1ZB MEC, Manufacturer of high quality tactile switches
MEC Navimec 1ZCS/1ZB caps + 5GTH935
In Europe we can order them at Conrad or RS Component
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Crimp connectors housing and Pre-crimped cables

Hi all

I did a lot unsuccessful research to find a modular system with
- all kind of 1xN and 2xM connectors required to integrate Najda and WaveIO boards
- long length (60cm) pre-crimped cables, as most often Dupont cable are available only in 20 to 30, maximum 40 cm
- multi-color cables which makes much more easy to install

until I found out Pololu - Crimp Connector Housings where they have all cables and housing. Order is being handled, will tell if not ok.

Hope that helps
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This thread will become a wonderful resource as Najda matures.
Want to add one power supply that is plentiful in Ebay US site for around $40 new. Specs look good for the SLT series.

I have bought the Sola SLT12-40204-12T but it didn't work out.
You have to watch out for the type of housing. The H2 does not have the -12V/GND/+12V output the Najda needs.. It has 2x +12V outputs.
The H1 housing does have the correct outputs (1x 5V and the +12v/gnd/-12V)
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