NAD 3150 Amp Channel Dropout


2007-10-31 9:06 pm
I am running a NAD 3150 integrated amplifier bought new many years ago. My problem is this: the right channel regularly drops out, i.e. goes silent. I can restore the sound by turning the channel knob fully to the right then turning the volume up full for a split second. The sound is restored but invariably drops later. I am not into electronics so am unable to test anything inside the case myself. Is this problem due to something simple like dirty controls? if so, how do I take the knobs off to get at the contacts? How should I start? Any suggestions and advice much appreciated. :confused:


2007-07-03 9:49 pm
The knobs are usually held on by a small screw but this won't do you much good. In order to clean the potentiometers and switches you need to get at them from inside. Use some Deoxit to clean the pots and switches and follow up with faderlube on the potentiometers. Work all the switches and turn the pots through the full range numerous times.