N-channel Current Gain Cell

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Hi everybody,

The circuit below act as an current cell, which has current gain but no voltage gain [Av=0.85]. This circuit uses an effective current source based biasing scheme and at input uses a p-channel mosfet and output uses 2 n-channel mosfets in pushpull manner in Class-AB or A [optional]. This circuit is self centered and very less DC offset will be present at the output.
Kindly give your views.

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welcome to party boys,

A slooow n-channel then where exist the forever faaast n-channel kindly show me the most vincent path to it with your farsighted heaven vision, i will definately pray for it or there will be another cause for its effect to be implemented,
Kindly give the reasons to validate your point regarding the cross-conduction so that i could learn more about it in this circuit.

If you really feels that this circuit is suffering from cross-conduction
Then i have something to show you , look at the circuit below, is this also suffering from cross-conduction, if yes ,you are the winner in the game and someone or may be many of the others who dont know it dont agree with that all are the loosers.

here is a checkmate, be winner and In my opinion you are the winner and champ of the game.

Its a serious matter so please give the answer


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As Greg said that the amp would cross-conduct than i am sure that the Anthony's n-channel amp also crossconduct and i also had that tested and the result was definately the cross-conduction...whereas Olson's circuit...i doubt it whether it cross-conducts or not..i have not yet built it but after building it the results would be clear......

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Yeh yeh yeh it will crossconduct with 100KHz square wav, but if you thicker a bit with the gate-snoopers, you can minimize it to a degree that it functions pretty nicely... I haven't build anthony's N-channels amp.. so i don't know.. do you have the a schematic, could you post it?

My friend has built Anthony's amp and it cross conducts at 20KHZ with 8 pairs of paralleled devices at output...so you have built olson's amp.it could be made to nill cross conduction by using drivers.....
Anthony's amp is just as i posted in post 7 [drvier N-channel]and olson's amp is just alike as i posted in post 1[driver p-channel]

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