mystery speaker info needed

I am trying to identify this 8 inch speaker,I googled it with no luck! Im thinking its a substitute in one of a pair of DCM QED 1A speakers I picked up because its 5 ohms and I would have thought it would be 8 ohms? The markings on the back of the magnet are 719543(model number?) and 22788 (date of manufacture)? and 5 ohms? There is also written on the back of the cone in white lettering cp 6318. The funny thing is it was glued in like an original.I have been led to believe that these speakers came out with philips and vifa 8'"speakers well the other one is a 8 ohm vifa it has been either refoamed or replaced because it was glued back in with no more nails. Oh! and the cone looks like its made of rubber impregnated canvas. I suppose my question should be is this 5 ohm speaker the right one for the job? and do I need another 5 ohm speaker on the other side? confused and befuddled!!!!!redrooster!:confused: