My VRDS P700 is dead!!! Please help!

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Hello folks,

My TEAC VRDS P-700 transport was dead after I changed the new belts. When switched-on, there's nothing happened. No light, no movement, no..... Just totally dead.

This happened before, however, by few more switching, then it functioned again. But this time, nothing functioned anymore.

I checked the switch, and it's ok. I checked the PSU. Voltages were there, but I don't know if the values are correct. Could somebody help me, please?

Many thanks in advance.


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Carefully go back through the disassembly work you did and check all of the cables whether wire or ribbon to assure that they are properly seated in their connectors.

Also check for cold solder joints if any of the connectors are surface mount types.

I'm assuming that you took reasonable anti-static precautions.

Worst case you might need to send this to Teac for service, I suspect they still provide some limited support for this model.

Google online for the service manual, chances are good it is somewhere.
Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot for your input.

I checked last night this CDT again and found the PSU is not good. I did several measurements, sometimes it shows normal, but other times not good. Now the main filter caps have no voltage (only +-0,5V) at all. This PSU board seems quite simple design, but as I am not an electrical guy, so it is difficult for me to identify the faulty part, without a service manual.

One thing I don’t know if it is correct: The primary side of the transformer has few connections for different VAC supplies using a resistor to switch in between. The current setting is for 230VAC. However, the readings for all connections on primary side showed all 230VAC, when powered up. Is it normal? Does that means the primary side of this transformer is shorted?
Well, finally it's just a simple problem.

I stopped to check for few days, and came back again last night, re-freshed. Just few minutes later, I found the AC input filter-coil (? not sure if it is called in this way) is defected. Cross with a wire, and now the damn old VRDS sings again.

Thank you guys, who had helped (or intended to).

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.