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I just put these together. Peerless SLS315 12" and a BG NEO3 PDR. First OB I've made and I am really impressed with its sound. I ended up spending a few hours just listening and making afew tweaks to woofer EQ on the DCX2496. As per pictures, only test baffles right now (big ones). Bass is good. Need to play more with setup as I might be stretching the 12" to Neo3 crossover. I also have a problem with one new NEO3. Poor response (to the ear), not much mid range and weak upper compared to the other. Isolated it to the neo3 by switching things around. I called PE for a return and got sent to BG because I ordered these just before Xmas and now past 45 days.

I use the DCX2496 , Kenwood X1 THX 6 ch amp with my old Pioneer CD player which has a line level out control which allows me to adjust the volume at the speakers without a preamp for now.

I need to do some measurements. I downloaded SpeakerWorshop, but I think I need a mic preamp to hookup to my PC soundcard. Any ideas on a quick/best way to do so?


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First of all, regarding the second photo, showing the back of the baffles. It's March. I know it's still cold in Canada, but put Santa away, please.

Second, I'm surprised the corrugated cardboard can even remain upright with those heavy woofers, let alone serve as an effective baffle, considering its acoustic transparency. I would predict that if you do measurements and crossover fine-tuning on those baffles, you'll have to do it all over again when you switch to dense, rigid baffles.

I have also been thinking about an OB design with Peerless woofers and a ribbon tweeter. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Are you running analog from the CD player to the Behringer? If so, you're doing an extra D/A and A/D in your signal pathway. Does your CD player have a digital output? Using it would eliminate that extra D/A - A/D but also probably eliminate your volume control.

Thanks for posting. I was just teasing with my Santa comment. Leave him up if you want. :D
There might be a big hole in your reponse. The SLS is a good driver but possibly cannot be used above 1Khz. The driver will have poor dispersion as the frequency rises.
The Neo3 will have to be crossed over pretty high to sound good ( 2 to 3 Khz ? ).
I've used an SLS with the Neo8 which goes down to 600 Hz. That sounded good. I used the Neo 3 also but crossed over at about 7Khz !

You might be satisfied with what you hear but maybe if you had a smaller driver in between it might be better. Something from a 4 inch to a 6 inch .
Santa is around all year at our place with 3 kids between 3-6 yrs. Just like Halloween costumes and Easter bunnies. Hey, what ever keeps them busy and happy. :D

The cardbaord has the same folded edge at the bottom which acts as a support to balance them. Yes, I'm sure the response will change once I get 'real' baffles, but I couldn't wait.

The CD player only has analog out so one more A/D conversion now. Eventually, once I get a 6 ch dig pre amp I will use the digital interface.

How do you like the Neo8? Did you use it in conjunction with the Neo3? How would it compare to a traditonal cone mid? I assume the Neo3 and Neo8 would integrate nicely together. A unique looking baffle layout. I am looking at something for midrange and maybe moving the SLS 12" to a different baffle (h-frame).

Regarding measurement SW, is there a prefered free SW and does my PC card provide enough amp or do I need a pre amp for the ECM?

Since you already have the DCX2496, I would go three-way with a midrange operating nearly fullrange. This way you can keep the XO points away from the critical areas.

I would also use the DCX2496 as your DAC (inputing digital signal from CDP), as well as using it as the active XO.

You don't need a digital preamp, instead it is better to use a six-way volume control after the dcx2496. Like the one available here:

See also:

Spend, spend, spend. Sorry
The Neo8 is nice but has a nasty peak at about 10Khz. Some claim that it's inaudible. B&G have suggested a series filter to reduce this . I just rolled it off early and used the Neo3 above 7Khz.
It was nice but not better than some other cone speakers I have heard.I think cone drivers in that range can possibly handle much higher transient power levels.
You have the free version of ARTA and look for some here :
and here :
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