My low voltage lighting system...

Death By Bass

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2005-08-06 4:25 pm
which doens't exist yet, but is a work in progress that is pretty well worked out, and I will be ordering parts next week :)

Now, I've always loved halogen downlights, so, I've decided to install a system in my room, with 4 lights, suspended by horizintal wires, than run from one wall to the other. fair enough?

but, the twist, is they are going to be remote controlled, by a small keyfob remote. Each light will be able to be turned on seperatly, and the lights can be positioned along the horizontal wires as I desire...

thats the remote kit I intend using, and I am yet to decide on the powersupply...

any suggestions people may have? or ideas?

thanx.. :)

I guess..

I'll post pics if anyone is interested :)