My KLH Model Nines and positive ions

I bought a double pair of KLH Nines about 10 years ago. I needed to restore the power supplies and with the help of David Janszen and some owners in forums on the net I did restore them. Not an easy task with all the wax melting :) . Needless to say they sound incredible and I've been listening to them for the last 8 years. Anyway, I got the polarity of the diodes wrong and now they are all positive power supplies instead of negative, which apparently generated positive ions which for what I've read on-line is not good for you. It does not alter the sound at all but I was wondering about the effects, if any, of all those positive ions. So I ask the group what to do:

1) Do nothing. All this talk of positive ions is BS. They have no effect on us (I like this option)

2) Rebuild the power supplies with the right diode polarity. Positive ions are bad for you. ( I DO NOT like this option)

3) Buy a negative ion generator to neutralize the positive ions from the speaker.

IF positive ions are being generated , then you might feel the effects. In which case, avoid sharp points in the eht line.

If you still feel effects (implying positive ions are still being generated), you could then reverse polarity. Doesn't sound too difficult to me.

I'm not sure that positive ions are actually bad for you, as opposed to just having a negative (!) effect on the way you feel.