My introduction


2008-03-20 4:05 am

Introductions are in order. I am a budding audiophile. I've always had a desire for listening to my music in a proper way, but lacked both the finances and the knowledge to do so. I have been doing some e-research and stumbled upon homebrew amplifiers and speakers and thought that I am now in a better position to build a decent system to enjoy my music.

I'm looking to build a small amplifier and a set of speakers, but my knowledge is limited about what I should build and why. I like the warmth of sound from tube amps, but honestly don't know much about them. I found some speaker designs that pique my interests, but my knowledge of these is also limited.

I have a lot of reading to do to get a foundation so I can ask the right questions. Seems like a nice forum you all have here, and I hope to get acquainted with you better in the near future.
Welcome to the forum...

poke around, ask questions, look at the picturesm you should start getting a handle of what is doable....

beware that the hobby is addictive :)

... "bet you can't have just one cookie" ...

Start with something modest, what you learn will help you chose an appropriate project for something more ambitious.