my intro details


2008-02-28 12:39 pm
Hi everyone,

here are a few things about me (in no particular order): I'm definitely a Unix nut (Linux and BSDs), I like programming (high level languages like python, though I know my way around C code), creative expression (building things, playing music and drawing - though right now I suck at both ;)), and learning things.

After using computers for years for doing music, I'm turning my attention to the analog world: I have come here to learn, and I see there is a lot to learn ;) .

One of my goals is to find out how to shape and texturize (sp?) sounds the way I want them; I'm especially interested in the sounds of bands like Morbid Angel or Mayhem (which I'd describe as low, fat and growling, kind of like it comes from down under).

Uh, and I play bass too.