My fist Pass Amp

Dear All,

I have been listening to a lot of hardware here and there, some good, some less good. But last week in Audio Forum in Tokyo I heard something that was different.

It was a pair of Focal Utopia speakers, connected to a couple of Pass XA something.

The sound of these were different, better.

So, after I built a bunch of tume amps, I decided to have a Pass Class A SE amp as a next build.
As speakers I have a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus 4 ohm 90db.

What build do you recommend ? There are so many models ?


Well, I am intrigue both by open baffle and horns, but I have so much reading ahead for this !!! I have only the experience with the full range microfonken that I use as PC speaker, not bad at all.

F5 does not look like a complicated build, although the quantity of messages in the thread is scaring. I guess PCB on diyaudio store, psu board from another GB (I need only 1 or two? ) Two bridges.... OK I have to find the BOM :)




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2004-12-26 9:38 pm
in the alps
Another very appealing aspect of the F series is that once you build a power supply with a 500VA 2x18V transformer, some CL60 thermistors, a couple big caps and resistors, you can power the F1 , F2, F3, F4 and the F5 by doing just minor changes to the PSU, but with the same xformer and even the same case/heatsinks...