My first subwoofer setup, need some help.


2016-01-19 10:39 pm
Hi everyone, thanks even for opening my topic. I know this is my first post in this forum and i'm asking for help but thats really what i need because i don't know much about these things.

I have Mercedes a class a180 2007, there is alot of room for subs cause trunk is big. When i was younger i had alot subs in my room and used to put them in that car and play them with hometheater amplifier lol. I remember having 1 x 12" , on top of it 2 x 10" and even on top of it 2 x 8" subwoofers.

I'm looking for prebuild setup cause i don't have time to make my own.
What do you think about these two ?

- 2 x PIONEER TS-W310D4 with the case 279.00EUR
- 2 x Ground Zero Iridium GZIB2.300BR with the case 249,00EUR
Hi Cjepari.

I am not familiar with the Ground Zero brand but a friend of mine is using an earlier model of the Pioneer. The Pioneer seemed to be build well and it sounded good. If your not able to build your box there are a number of prefabed boxes available that would work for the Pioneers. I would stick with a sealed enclosure with a volume of 1.25cu.ft to 1.75cu.ft per subwoofer. If you have the room bigger is always better. Hope this helps and good luck.