My first gainclone

Wait until you build it first :)
If anything, worry about good grounding and layout.
As of a volume pot, just stick one between input jacks and PCB input pins.
2x50K Log/Audio is fine.
If hard to find, 100K does work properly and is usually stocked by more suppliers, although the "big ones" such as Mouser or Digikey have lots of stuff.


2012-08-08 8:36 pm
So here is a some uppdates, the gainclone is up and runing, get a littel hum when there is no audio playing, but gives a good sound, waiting for my speaker protection system

schematic for the wiering and gnd
You can probably eliminate the hum if you simply tightly twist together each pair of wires, with about 4 turns per inch. Do an especially good job for each pair of transformer wires, ALL the way to both ends of each pair, for both primary and secondary pairs. And also do an especuially good job for the input signal/ground pairs. Make sure the two wires in each pair ALWAYS and everywhere stay right together, and are twisted tightly.

Also, try to keep all of the low-level sinal and ground stuff as far away as possible from the AC stuff and from the outputs. If they do have to get close, keep them orthogonal to each other, and never parallel.

Oh, and input signal AND GROUND should NOT connect to the chassis at the jack. The jacks should be insulated from the chassis. The input signal ground should only connect on the PCB.