My first DIY speaker...... Project: Jaguar

Well I just recently got my ACI Jaguars up and playing, even though they are only primered at this time. Just thought I would share the building process for those considering a first time speaker project as it was a lot of fun.

I tried to make the site friendly for people with dial-up connections. High speed people can click the images to bring up a larger, higher resolution image.

I'd love to hear some input, especially on finish options.

This is also my first web site like this, so be gentle and please let me know if it doesn't work for you, or is very slow.

Makes me want to build something. Time to head out to Home Depot. Found some water heater blankets that are the same stuff that was used to insulate aircraft cabins. Am going to try a layer of that stuff with bubble wrap covering it to see how well it works for sub cabinets. Great site and the speakers look great. They will of course sound better than the ones in the store because you built them yourself. Black laquer is always good because you can't see the speakers when watching a movie.
Excellent Job!!!

They look great!!!

Amazing what patience can do!

The website with the pictures all through the process is very cool!

Again, great job!


PS - My vote is for high gloss piano black with your setup...but no matter what you choose they will look good! Please post pics once you decide...

PSS - Also would be great if you described how they sound and which components you use...
Thanks again for the compliments.

I'm planning on doing some serious listening comparisions this week-end, and then will post my findings on my site. I'll also drop a line here indicating the update.

I'm still considering the leather idea, kind of like the front baffle on the Nautilus 800's below.


decisions, decisions.....