My first DIY project

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Wow!!! I just finished my first DIY project!!! It looks similar to a Voigt pipe, however I stretched it depth-wise and compressed it vertically....It sounds terrific..hmmm..possibly better than my 901s(?). Can't wait to make my modified-even-more verisons. Three drivers in cabinet and an external cabinet on the side to give a spacier sound or, ultimately to reflect sound. I love to make interesting looking speakers...everyone (Average listeners) that has seen the system goes, "what the?"...Hey, that doesn't sound half bad.":D I just gotta' paint 'em..
Showing off is great fun. When I did my first project a few months ago I showed all of my friends who would be interested. I have a way of getting things 95% complete, and now i am on my third project, and still have not put the aesthetics on them. have fun tweaking
I'm using...

Hi, I'm using some car audio drivers that I bought at Wal-mart...Road Gear...The high-end clarity isn't the greatest though, and I can't wait until My Fostex 127s arrive. I'll post some pics on my website when my friend brings over his digi cam.

I love to check out other people's projects to see the tweaks, products and the design they your link on forum or e-mail me...THANKS~!
I have a few designs on my web site. The address is located in my profile.

I need to upgrade the crossover for the 6.5 inch DVC woofer (discontinued) and a dipole 2-way loudspeaker. I'm using an experimental board for the crossover so I'm limited to 24 gauge wire. Dipole tweeter is temporly mount with duct tape.

My subwoofer uses two 8 inch DVC woofers in a 1.37 cu. ft Rubbermaid box. I had to use a 1st order high pass filter (~40 hertz) so that my subwoofer doesn't produce anything lower than 20 hertz.

All my woofer's specs in my designs is different than printed specs. Though the specs are much better after I measured them with the Woofer Tester. I list the printed specs but not the measured specs.
In my teens I had a pair of kenwood 3 way 6x9's.I dismantled the caps that where installed from factory and hooked up a 4 way philips xover I had.The bottom 200hz I used a pair of alpine 6x9's mounted in large boxs with 12" electrovoice passive raidiators.The kenwood 6x9's I mounted in small makeshift cabinets.I had a pair of cerwin vega AT15'S at the time and the 6x9's gave them one hell of a run.For fun give a different xover a try on your road gear.
Xover on a single driver system??? Maybe, if I didn't want the speaker to produce certain sounds, eh??? hmmm....I was thinking about upgrading the driver so that the high-end is more enhanced than it is now. I know that the Pipe-like design I'm using now will create 'enhanced' higher frequencies theoretically, however, is there a way that I can use the sound from the driver and create more or increase the frequency that will be coming from the rear of the driver?? I'm getting sooo....confused with cos and sin it's unbelievable...:eek: For now, I'll just listen to what they are for now...Cool site Mr. Electronic!! lol
An inverted cone will extend to near 10000 hertz and problably to 20000 hertz.

Look up Decware in your favorite search engine.

...Cool site Mr. Electronic!! lol
Thanks but I picked my domain name to be mrelectric. This is because I can not think of anything else at the moment of creating. I do a have an old mirror site that is compatible with Netscape 6.0 and other browsers. The address is

I have another 2-way loudspeaker plan. Using two Vifa (P17WJ-00-08) 6.5 inch woofer and a dipole tweeter. The two woofers will be in a 1 cu. foot box tuned at around 45 hertz with a 3 inch diameter port. I haven't yet gather the components.
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