My First "Build": In-Walls from leftovers.


2010-12-24 4:40 pm
I need in-wall speakers to put behind my new DIY acoustically transparent movie screen.

I want to experiment with speaker building, but I don't want to spend a lot of money yet, just in case I don't enjoy it.

So I'm going to take the drivers and crossovers out of my current bookshelf speakers, cut holes in the drywall for them, and see what happens.

If it (surprisingly) works... fantastic. If not, I'm out only my time.

Here is the donor speaker, it's an Ascend 340SE. I think they are about $500 a pair. Designed by David Fabrikant, formerly of the old M&K speaker company. Very nice, dynamic speakers:

The tweeter, some custom SEAS job:


The woofer, not sure where it comes from. I think I remember hearing something about France (Auralex?) but I'm not sure:


The original cabinet and the crossover which I will be reusing:

I'm just going to try the center speaker first, and do an Audyessy calibration.

I consider this my first DIY speaker since I'm technically building the enclousure. :joker: