My first amp

Hi all.

Thought I'd share my very first amp project with you - it's a single channel TDA2003 made a few months ago, mostly from parts & components aleady in my workshop :). The chip is bolted onto a heat-sink from my old Pentium PC (from back in the day when I thought Windows was actually a good OS :p) which is basically 500g of solid copper. .

The amp project suggested a 9v battery which powered the thing for all of 15 minutes...thankfully my collection of old/surplus parts includes several disused mains PSUs (I never throw anything away) which included a 12v model (which my DMM actually reports is throwing out 17v!) - coupled with a 4R Kenwood speaker 'borrowed' from my girlfriend, 10 watts sounds a lot better than I though it would and the chip actually runs cold even at max volume..!

With the whole thing costing no more than the price of the chip and a new pot it can't be bad! Now all it needs in a case!

Onwards and upwards!

John (newbie)


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