My dream amplifier, wished I knew how to make it.

Hello DIYaudio,

I love these forums... was just thinking what others would think about this.... Portable bluetooth speakers are very popular, because they are amazing. Most young folks listen to music on their phones, and pandora and spotify have changed how we listen to music. These little battery operated speakers are amazing.

I've been playing with designing these speakers (as a lot of people have) but I'm surprised how little DIY boards there are to build them with. Try making a bluetooth and an amp work off the same power supply, I dare you.

Here's my dream DIY board:

1) A class d 2 channel amp with an integrated bluetooth (and aux in)(maybe the 2020 tripath chip)

2) Have an integrated battery charging unit so a normal power supply can also charge a cctv lithium battery (cheap and plentiful).

$40.00 This would sell like hot cakes, and I bet the bluetooth part will show up by the end of the year (some people are just figuring it out and selling it now) But the battery part would make it a complete answer for the throngs of people playing with retrofitting old suitcases or just wanting to reuse cool vintage speakers.

Let me know if anyone knows how to get a board like this spun. I'd love to help in any way I can.

Thanks, Tor