My Diy speaker bluetooth project, help me :)

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Hello everybody, i'm french and i'm sorry for my english!
In France, I can not seem to find help for my project, you are better than us so I come here. I'm newbie in audio.

I'd like to try and build myself a Bluetooth speaker "quality". I love the sound and the design of the Marshall Stanmore and try to inspire me while keeping a light budget.
I do not seek power at any price but rather a quality of his most faithful can be achieved with a budget of 80EUR / 100EUR excluding wood.

Always in the inspiration of this Marshall, I want to leave on 2 tweeters everyone who 3/4" 20w, and 40w woofer 5-1/4", if possible with the same high and low frequencies of Stanmore.
Already, this is a balanced choice?

I read here and there that the site was well Parts Express? Speakers brands have a counselor?
I also wondered about the amplifier, you recommend it? is what it takes in half? for a woofer and a tweeter for both? or all three speakers may be on a single amp?

Last question because I do not want to bother too much at once :D
In the positioning of the speakers on the body is two tweeters and a woofer side of the other?
or, amid the woofer and tweeters around? this matter?
I say because ca on Stanmore, there is one event left behind on the off chance and it's not near the woofer need to put this event?

Once again, sorry for my english and thank you Google Translate :p


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Welcome! Your 'English' is fine. :)

Interesting! It's a mini version of an early popular stereo console design that used a pair of wide range drivers or two ways with a common dual voice coil [DVC] woofer in the middle; so my question is, does it have a 5.25" DVC wide range woofer or just a regular single coil one and the [super] tweeters are just for a strong HF?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find out in a quick search, though my guess is that it's the latter to keep cost down and uses advanced digital signal processing to create an acceptable stereo image same as is available in HT receivers, wide screen TVs, etc., so with no knowledge, experience in this type of electronics and the little Class D chip amps, controls used, I can only suggest searching to see if all this plus connections is available as a complete package on one or more PC boards or has to be bought/built piecemeal [individually] and wired together.

Of course, the XOs would be custom and more complex than if the woofer was just for the lows, which would allow using a ready made one for 2.1 channel systems. I don't even know which forum you need to post on to learn more on, get help on this subject. Maybe you could find a cheap used 2.1 receiver in a yard sale or pawn shop [if you have them locally] and strip the necessary parts, assemblies out of it and modify it for a higher woofer XO.

3/4" [19 mm] tweeters normally require a > 3 kHz XO, so the only ones I found that might be suitable for a 2.5 kHz XO are relatively expensive mobile audio ones. I guess then that they use relatively cheap ones with digital signal processing to add extra protection to allow a lower XO point.

In short, without a lot of knowledge of the type of electronics involved, this does not appear to be something an inexperienced DIYer will be able to do and even then it may not provide whatever makes the Marshall sound special to you and/or at anywhere near your budget.

Sorry I couldn't be more help, good luck with it.

Hello and thank you for your answers, excuse me I was on vacation :)
I understand that it would be too difficult to copy stanmore Marshall
But what I wanted, it's just to have a good quality bluetooth speaker, but you're right, it's too hard for me to copy Stanmore!
So I'll lower my project.

I do not want all audio functions of the Stanmore.
Just bluetooth and mini jack input.
I do not want power, I want the beautiful sound

During my holidays I bought this Robot Check and this TDA7492P Bluetooth 4 0 Module Amplifier Board Audio Stéréo Emetteur Récepteur | eBay
Is this is a good base to start?

For the drivers,
I chose a woofer Dayton Audio DC160-8 6-1/2" Classic Woofer and two tweeters Tymphany BC25SC06-04 1" Textile Dome Tweeter, is that this is a good choice for listen hifi sound?

Another question, is what the woofer must be separated in the box? must partitions or can be together?
if I understand, tweeters do not count in calculating the volume?

because of my low English level, I do not understand everything on the websites of volume calculation, including the measuring system which is not the same as in France:D
Does anyone could help me calculate the volume of the box and of the event?

Thank you for advance, and sorry for my english again!
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