My Ariels

This project started some 14 months ago i read all i could find and found the plans for these read the reviews done buy the people who had built them and decided that they where what i was looking for.

For more please read

About six months ago i ordered the parts i did this through they where great the package was just under US$700 and got to me in New Zealand in about 3 weeks :). That was when allsorts of things got in the way and my project never got off the ground (life sucks!!):bawling:

About 4 weeks ago i started:) :) cut the wood and made a guide plate for my router to cut the driver cutouts.


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So far serious listening has only been about three hours at first the highs where very hot:hot: harsh but by the end of this they had mellowed i am hereing things in recordings that i know well that i did not know where there mids and lows are great tite and well defined no bomie bass. will post again after more music.


Ps have more pic's if intrested


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Looking just great!!!!
just waiting to hear your impression of the sound...the low end in partricular, as I know the drivers from previous "crimes"....
my brother have been lurking around these for some time now, but we have been a little worried about the very low end, as we listen to quite alot of orchestral music...
Maybe it's a bit early yet, but do you have any ideas about a realistic F3 ????
after 7hours

thanks for the complement

Re: Bass i have been playing a varied collection 4 about 7 hours and things jut get better they do what do without strain i may wind back the volume of my sub not because the Ariel is to heavy but my last speakers where lacking (book shelf AR's) so the sub was trying to fill the gaps.
Ariels have been running for 18 hours total and are sounding great the cabnets are amazingly dead no resonating or vibration .
This seasion i pushed the power level up peaking at around 75db at two meters the are being powered by a New Zealand made Perreaux E100 power amp, pre amp is an Onkyo TX-DS676.
One thing that stuned me is just how quite they are i pushed the power to max (no music:att'n: )no hum just the fanitested of hiss from the tweeter but that was with ear right next to it, that in my opionion is the sound of a well designed X-over.

thanks will post again with updates.