My Aleph 5 MK II Power Amplifier

Hai all of my friends,, please give me information about my PCB Aleph 5 MKII i dont have shcematic,, :confused:



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you didn't paid for them , they were given to you as gift from Igor
they're made by one good DiyA fellow from Greece , and he previously send them to Igor also as gift.

but - there are always many Pass Labs amps pcbs , made by ppl who are not DIYers , and they sell them strictly for profit .

so , don't play naive with me .
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Big deal, who you care for it ?

Regards zeoN_Rider

We care because Nelson Pass generously shares his designs with us, on his website and also in this very forum. In these times this is very unusual, and we should take good care that we don't spoil it.
As can be seen in the pictures the pcb is clearly not labeled as a clone. Nelson has repeatedly stated that he has no issue with clones of his designs as long as they are labeled accordingly and for DIY use.
Hai @ all sorry if my posting about my pcb aleps 5 mkII make some thing wrong at pass lab diy forum, 2 year ago i make by my self aleph power amplifier pcb with the result very bad,,:( look at the picture please,,! so can you imagine when i see these pcb ( Aleph 5MK II) at the store,,? i'am very happy and take it,,:D i don't have anything else, (want to sale etc at the forum) just want to know about these pcb thats all



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