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Musical Fidelity V-90 AMP, makes noise!


2009-11-20 8:57 pm
In retail box with all accessories.

Previous owner says it is completely dead, maybe power cable was loose as it works for me :)
BUT IT HAS A PROBLEM. It makes a high pitched hiss both when on and in standby. It is audible if music is not playing.

Definitely powersupply issue I'd say.
I do not notice anything wrong with the sound, but I've only tried via USB.
Cosmetic condition is very good.

Light and cheap to ship.
You can find prices at Front Page - Posti for Private Customers
Should be 20-50€ for shipping.

I am asking for 35euros, retail price was 299eur. Offers are welcome.
You can offer anything in exchange, like components, preferably not another amplifier :)


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