MUR806 vs FRED bridge

Can anyone help me see what I must be missing on why for the price of one Ixys 17-06NO7 bridge I can buy twelve (12!) MUR806 Motorola diodes that will let me assemble three bridges?

What will the Ixys bridge provide as a plus that I can't foresee?

This is a legitimate question, and I am not intending to polemize over it.

Pity there doesn't seem to be any Motorola fast bridge: perhaps it could have a better pricing.

I have one explanation:

Could it be because there are billions of fast diodes used every year for all the switch mode PSU's that are in almost every electronic device?

On the other hand, I can't think of why there would be any volume demand for fast bridge rectifiers.

So just go ahead and use MUR860 and be happy you saved some money. I bought dozens of them for pennies from a surplus store.