Multiroom audio - Snapcast vs Icecast?


2016-10-07 2:18 am
I'd like to update my current setup to have multiroom, and to make things a little easier to control. I've got two RPis with HifiBerry boards on them, and I've got an NFS. It seems like a way to do this is to use Mopidy and pipe it through Icecast or Snapcast. The diagrams below illustrate this.


1. Will this even work? Is there a better way?
2. Is Mopidy the best choice here? (I'd also like to be able to control playback via mobile or web)

3. Is there a real difference here between Icecast and Snapcast?


I'd suggest looking at running piCorePlayer on your RPi's, and LMS on your Synology. You can sync all players to achieve multi room, create groups of players or run different audio to each player.

Control can be achieved by android or iphone apps, web browsers or even by running a screen on one of the RPi's.

piCorePlayer available here: piCorePlayer

User forums here:
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2016-10-07 2:18 am
Interesting. So that would be an entirely different stack, like this:


Is that right?

Is there any particular reason to go with LMS here, rather than Mopidy (and needing another RPi)? They seem roughly equivalent to me, unless I'm missing something?
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That is pretty much correct, conceptually.

Logitech Media Server enables you to store and organise your local music, with additional functionality, via plugins, to play DSD files, stream web radio, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, Deezer etc

You will not need another Pi, as LMS will run on your Synology NAS...

For the sake of a few software downloads, perhaps another couple of SD cards and a bit of time on configuration, it will be at least worth trying.

I have something similar (but with a Pi running LMS) serving 7 Pi based players around the house and in the garden.