Multiple speakers on a channel


2010-05-20 3:27 pm
I'm getting a Sure 4 x 100 amp. I'm planning it for an outdoor party environment. I already have one good set of speakers(Time Window 3) which can handle the power. I also have two other sets of cheap speakers that are less powerful(about 50w). Can I put two of them on one channel to add to the sound? Should they be in serial or parallel? (I know it is sacrilege, but quality is not that important.)
The Sure amp has no volume control. What is the simplest way to adjust the gain on the channels to balance the sound? Will a simple pot on the inputs work?
Yesterday I saw a post about Bi-amping and there were the same kind of questions. See if the situation has evolved ...:D:p:eek:

Note---the last question about potentiometer should find its answer in the Class D sub-forum
-or anything regarding analog circuitry-
The first question may belong also to the Class D forum ( Or solid state, since the devices work the same)