Multiple parallel caps in a PS is there a downside?


2011-09-12 10:43 pm
I'm building a new power supply for my sound processor's dac daugher card. I have an extra transformer around and some caps. I have a few at 1000uf, 2200uf, and 470 uf. I would like to bet about 3000-6000uf since the ps will support about 5 DAC AK4395 dac chips. Is there any downside in having multiple caps in parallel feeding the regulator. Is it better to go out and purchase one larger cap per regulator?
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2008-12-20 5:59 am
Try some inductance CLC in there for low ripple.
Downside? Running out of space for more caps inside the chassis.

Most important to know that L will exist. If not planned for you can get resonances which can be very hard to damp. If you deliberately plan for the L (ie add L of a known value and use it or put R in as well) then you can get good results