Multiple Altec 416 sub?

Right now my bass comes from a set of Onken "W" bins with two Maxonic 15" (Altec 515 style Field coils. See avatar) each that work up to 250hz.

I have 3 pairs of Altec 416Z (16ohm, 15") that I was thinking of using in a pair of subs for hifi, working from about 50hz down.

I have space constraints of 2ft wide X 3ft deep X 6ft tall. What kind of enclosure would you suggest? I've seen those line array subs and those look like they'll fit.


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2004-10-07 6:05 am
Are you looking to supplement the Onken W with the four 416Z? The W doesn't go low enough? The pair I used in Paris went plenty deep for me. I can't remember if they used 515 or 416 drivers.

Have you tried the 416s in the W? Or is this for some other use?
Here 416-8B with 550 Hz crossover in a medium size auditorium (+Altec 288-16K CD with Iwata horn and Raal 140-5D) in a bi-amp setup with Siemens C3m/Telefunken EL3010 vacuum pentode for the tweeter stage. The sound (stage) was pretty much good and "Symphonic" and with a scent of "vintage poetic" almost perfect. (Dec2012)


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