Multichannel DSP


This is my first post in the forum, so Hi to everyone! :)

I am writing here although I don´t know if it is the most appropriate place where to in the whole forum.

I am looking for a multichannel DSP with ideally about 20 output channels. Do you know where I could find something like this? The largest I have found online have up to 8 channels...

Hope anyone has some idea about this.

Thanks in advance :)
You can make your own unit with as many channels as you would like (up to the bandwidth capabilities of the bus) using a computer, Linux DSP tools, and four 7.1channel audio DACs. This will be MUCH less expensive than trying to find DSP hardware with that many channels (but pro audio gear is likely to have that capability).

The nice thing about the software DSP approach is you can start with cheap DACs and then upgrade to more expensive units later.

Thanks for the replies.

I am referring to a DSP processor with a large number of DACs.

I have seen that there are some options with 8 channels, as for example this:


I was wondering if there would be similar options with more DACs, i.e, 16 or 20?

The option of connecting various of them between each other, if possible, is also valid in case they will be synced, but I would like to have a standalone board rather than needing a computer to run the software.