Multi-way Loudspeaker Design Program

Neil Davis

Paid Member
2004-12-07 3:23 am
Reston, Virginia
There is an announcement about the PSD-Lite final Beta in the Software forum, but traffic there is rather slow and most of the posts are for small or specialized software tools rather than programs that address the analysis and modeling phases of multi-way loudspeaker design (from measurement data import to box and baffle modeling to crossover design). I'm trying to get as many inputs as possible before this code gets finalized, so please excuse me if this post is inappropriate for this forum. This program is a "final Beta", and I would appreciate any help in making sure this program is accurate, reliable and easy to use--especially from people who actually build multi-way loudspeakers.

This software is free with no restrictions on its use. There is a "Pro" version with enhanced features that won't be free, but the core functionality of PSD-Lite should be adequate for many multi-way designs.

The specification sheet is here: PSD-Lite Spec Sheet

The download link is here: