multi-channel sound to? please help

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I am slowly polishing my HT room audio plannification,
and i am getting to the digital/channel setup now.

I'd like to know how i am supposed to split the digital signal from a computer source with multi-channel information to send it to the correct DCX2496

My system should ( nothing is 100% for now )
feature a pair of front stereo loudspeakers, 2 side surroud loudpseakers and 1 rear loudpseaker.
there will also be a sub-bass unit (more like a complete wall of IB subs :p )

Each loudspeaker will be of line array type,
and feature 2 bands ...mids and highs.

I plan on using DCX for its already known quality features and crossover functions, wich should be more than enough on my setup.

Not too sure on the DAC setup yet,
either i'll use the DCX ones or i'll have to output digital from the DCX and go in seperate dacs...maybe i'll just stick to the DCX for starter and upgrade them as i go along. Neway that part is a lot simpler than getting the signal within each correct DCX to start with.

So is there any electronics, diy kits or whatsoever we could use, to split the digital signal in different channels
and use it toward the DCX units?
i guess i'm looking at 3 or 4 DCX units here, depending on the surround setup i choose upon.

I've searched quite a bit, but all i can find are home theater receivers, wich do not quite split the system as i'd like to, and they add alot of complexities ( unless one has direct digital passthrough )

Though, using a receiver if it is possible,
could permit the use of other sources than the computer to connect to it.. if it can pass throuhg those digitals as well without altering the signal.
But again, i didn't find a single receiver with multiple digital outputs ( enough of em ) nor one that seems to be able to copy the digital signal on all digital outputs..

Then beeing on the subject,
i've worked with AC3 filter quite a bit,
and it doesn't seem to have an option for a surround setup without a center channel ,
what should i do ? i do not want/need a center channel..
4-5 channels are more than enough for me
( the center would ahve to be at the rear of the screen,
and this will again add another DCX config and alot more drivers ... could be add on if really worth it though..try to convince me :p )

thanks for your time! :)
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.