multi channel PCM2906


2013-04-08 12:51 am
I recently purchased a PCM2906 to make a USB audio interface. If this project is a success I want to make a multichannel device with 4 or more inputs that allow for multi-channel channel digital audio recording in a software DAW such as protools. Is anybody aware of a chip that has these capabilities, or would I be able to accomplish this by wiring the 2906 chips in a parallel circuit from the USB connector?

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Hi, Im after doing the same thing for my own Recordings, I don't realy have much of a clue how to do this but am wanting to learn, It's easy to just buy a soundcard but id like something I can mess with.

Don't know if this link is usefull but im thinking of using this with an 8-channel ADC or a few seperate ADC's but as i say i have no idea what im doing yet!

USBStreamer | miniDSP